SINCE 1971


Core Personnel:

➢ James J. Chiniche, P.E., P.L.S.
        o Principal
        o Provides design oversight and guidance through regulatory statues/requirements
        o Provides land surveying expertise with surveying standards/requirements
        o Lifelong resident of Bay St. Louis

➢ Betty Ruhr Chiniche
        o Office Manager
        o Tasked with invoicing, payroll and general administrative duties
        o Born and raised in Waveland, currently a resident of Bay St. Louis

➢ Jason Chiniche, P.E., M.B.A.
        o Project Manager
        o Tasked with design coordination, drafting oversight and construction administration services
        o Lifelong resident of Bay St. Louis

➢ Mike Russell
        o Survey Crew Chief
        o Tasked with land surveying field work, plat and deed research and survey drafting
        o Lifelong resident of Waveland

➢ Frank Klein
        o Survey Rodman
        o Lifelong resident of Hancock County

Technical Experience:

Having served Hancock County for 46 years, we have developed a database of knowledge on all phases associated with Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. We have experience with the following types of design and construction projects:

➢ Storm Water Drainage
➢ Sanitary Sewer
➢ Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
➢ Water Well/Tank Design and Maintenance
➢ Water Distribution Systems
➢ Marine Facilities
➢ Pedestrian Access Facilities
➢ Building Construction
➢ Recreational Complexes
➢ Wastewater Treatment Systems

Professional History:

Our Professional History dates back to 1971 when James J. Chiniche (JJC) opened a Civil Engineering and Land Surveying company in Bay St. Louis. The goal back then is the same as now, to provide the residents of Hancock County a viable option for Civil Engineering and Surveying services. We have strived to keep our costs and overhead low to help public and private clients achieve their project goals without over spending on soft costs.

We have always maintained a goal of a hands on approach. Our Project Managers are intimately involved with every phase of the project and are able to answer technical questions when requested. This approach insures the client that all angles and concerns as well as project goals are met. Also, our knowledge of the technical details of the project allows for continued discussion during board meetings and progress meetings to insure the client that the project is continually moving forward.

Initially, James J. Chiniche served as Public Works Director for the City of Bay St. Louis from 1971 until 1973. In 1973, JJC became a partner with the firm of Weston & Wheat to form Weston, Wheat and Chiniche (WWC). WWC was also located in Bay St. Louis and provided the same level of quality Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Services JJC had strived to offer. During the partnership with WWC, we were able to expand upon our enormous database of surveying data which was compiled over several decades. Many of these records acquired during the WWC partnership are still utilized today. We stand behind our records and attest that no other firm in Hancock County has as much history and knowledge of the area as JJC.

James J. Chiniche was also selected as City Engineer for Gulfport, MS and served from 1973 until 1976. In 1976, James J. Chiniche accepted a position of Base Engineer at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS. He also maintained JJC Engineering and Surveying in Bay St. Louis as part time employment until he retired from Keesler Air Force in 2007. From 2007 until the present, JJC has maintained a focus of providing Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services to Hancock County.

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