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In 1971, James J. Chiniche, (JJC) opened a Civil Engineering and Land Surveying company in Bay St. Louis. His intent was to provide the residents of Hancock county a viable option for Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services. His objective was to keep costs and overhead low to help clients achieve their project goals without over spending on soft costs. This philosophy started in 1971 is still implemented here today.

In 2014, JJC entered a new partnership with his son, Jason. Jason graduated from Mississippi State with a Civil Engineering degree in 2001, along with an MBA in 2009 from the University of Southern Mississippi. Prior to the passing of James J. Chiniche in April of 2016, Jason had become Principal Owner and Project Manager. Jason has made it his goal to continue the legacy of providing Hancock County and surrounding areas the same viable option for Engineering and Surveying Services. He has expanded the scope of work to provide many disciplines of Engineering and Surveying, while still striving to keep costs and overhead low to help our clients.

Personnel Resources:

➢ Jason Chiniche, P.E., M.B.A, C.F.M.

  • Project Engineer/Principal In Charge
  • Lead Designer
  • Construction Management
  • 21 years experience with Engineering, Design and Construction

➢ Christina Shurley, P.E.

  • Senior Project Manager
  • MDOT LPA Certified
  • 21 years experience with Civil Design and Construction Management

➢ Nancy Hoelzel

  • Project Manager
  • 20 years experience with Federal and State Agencies
  • MDOT LPA Certified

➢ Carrie Jordan

  • Engineering Technician

➢ Allie Ladner

  • Engineering Administrative Assistant

➢ Dawn Ellerman

  • Senior Drafting Technician

➢ Alex Bertagnolli

  • Drafting Manager
  • Degree in Drafting Technology
  • 30 years experience with Engineering and Survey Drafting

➢ Toni Lizana

  • Drafting Technician

➢ Alexa Renz

  • Survey Project Manager

➢ Michael McGinnis P.L.S

  • Professional Land Surveyor
  • 32 years of experience with Surveying

➢ Buddy Clark P.L.S.

  • Professional Land Surveyor
  • 42 years of experience with Surveying

➢ Mike Russell

  • Survey Crew Chief
  • Over 40 years of experience with Land Surveying

➢ Louis Chambliss

  • Survey Crew Chief

➢ George Goetz

  • Survey Crew Chief/Instrument Man

➢ Destin Lucky

  • Instrument Man

➢ Cody Gray

  • Survey Crew Chief

➢ Chad McCubbin

  • Instrument Man

➢ Charles Hollingsworth

  • Construction Inspector

➢ Tyler Kirby

  • Construction Inspector

➢ David Kennedy

  • Construction Inspector
  • 25 years of experience with Land Surveying

➢ Posha McCubbin

  • Office Manager
  • Engineering Administrative Assistant